The Colton is Delightful-Especially When the Weather is Frightful
Posted on 1/22/2018 by Stanley Martin Homes
When winter winds blow snow or sleet, or bring a cold and miserable rainstorm your way, it's comforting to know you have the perfect place to hunker down and escape the harsh conditions.

fireplaceInside the Colton, you can take easy refuge from stormy weather by huddling around the fireplace, which offers plenty of room for everyone to warm their hands and toes because it's double-sided, facing both the foyer and the living room.

kitchenWhile your family and friends stay warm by the fireplace at the front of the house, you can prepare a fantastic snow-day feast in your spacious open-concept kitchen. If you have friends and family that wish to help you, there is plenty of counter space for them to dice, chop, cut, and prepare food right alongside you. For those who would rather watch, the sit-down island provides a place for them to relax while still being part of the fun.

lower levelOff in the distance, you hear lots of laughter coming from the lower level where you have a big screen TV and an old-fashioned popcorn popper for the kids and a wet bar and table space for adults to play cards. You're not sure if those where adult or kid laughs, but that's OK because you're glad your guests are enjoying every part of your home.

bedroomAs the evening winds down and guests start to leave, you look forward to escaping to your upper level floor to relax. At the top of the stairs, your owner's suite still takes your breath away every time you enter. The double-door entry into the room makes you feel like royalty every time, and the attached sitting room makes you wonder if you're not somehow living at Downton Abbey.

bathroomIf that weren't enough, your attached bathroom with two enormous walk-in closets and spa tub await you. You run the hot water, add some bubbles, and peek out the window to see that the snow is still piling up. How nice that you can forget about the storm for a while as you sink under the bubbles and gently close your eyes.

bedroomMeanwhile, your significant other tosses a load of clothes in the washer, which is just a few feet away in the convenient bedroom-level laundry room off the hallway. The kids are ushered through their night time routines and shuffled off to their bedrooms to read and relax.

After your bath, you sink into your warm bed and think about how wonderful your life has become in this comfortable and cozy home. Rain, snow, or sunshine, you're glad you can say "This home is mine."

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