How to Create a Cheese Tray That's Not Cheesy
Posted on 8/3/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes
Cheesy: adjective. Lacking in taste; vulgarly unaesthetic.

When preparing a cheese platter for a dinner party, it's a good idea to plan ahead and not just wing it by searching your cupboards and the back of your refrigerator to see what you can toss on the table five minutes before your guests arrive.

Arranging a cheese tray that you can be proud of is actually pretty easy. The main components of a quality cheese presentation include three kinds of cheese, crackers, dried fruit, a specialty sausage, nuts, and olives. Not complicated at all-until you're standing in front of rows and rows of cheese at your grocery store and feeling overwhelmed with your choices.

different types of cheese

But don't worry - help is on the way! Use the following list at the grocery store when you're shopping for your next dinner party and you won't have to worry about your cheese plate looking cheesy.

Shopping List

  • A soft cheese - Brie is always a good choice.
  • A standout cheese - go for the "blue".
  • A hard cheese - make it Spanish, such as Manchego. There's nothing wrong with adding a little spice!
  • Roasted nuts - you can't go wrong with salted almonds.
  • Fruit - fresh dates, dried apricots, or dried figs will do.
  • Dried, cured meat - select a hard salami or prosciutto, they pair very well with cheese.
  • Light wafers - flavorless, so they don't interfere with the taste sensations of the rest of your cheese board.
  • Olives - Because, why not?

  • There you have it: the ingredients you need to present a presentable cheeseboard at your next dinner party. In fact, your delicious display may even cause some of your guests to become ravenous, so be sure to buy enough to satisfy everyone - even your most voracious guests.

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