Brick Accent Walls Are Here to Stay
Posted on 5/11/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes
Brick has been used to build structures for more than 6,000 years. Originally, bricks were made from clay, mud, and straw and dried in the sun until they were ready to be used. A few thousand years later, the production process was accelerated when clay bricks were fired instead of relying on the sun to do the job. Today, bricks are still widely used because they're sturdy, durable, and readily available.

Brick, as a construction material, has stood the test of time as can be evidenced by the ancient brick buildings still standing today. Over time, brick has grown from being a basic construction material to being used in decorative ways, such as with the brick accent walls that are so popular today.

brick accent wallThe present-day trend of choosing a brick accent wall as an upgrade in a new home, restoring an interior brick wall in an older home, or adding one as a do-it-yourself project in any home, shows that brick has stood the test of time as an aesthetic feature, as well. We've even started using it as an interior design feature in our model townhomes in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

The look of brick works with all kinds of decor-from modern to traditional to avant-garde. The surface of the brick can be left natural, whitewashed, fully painted, and even stained.

Also gaining popularity, are faux brick walls. They're a good option if you want to quickly achieve the look of a brick wall because they're available in panels instead of laying each brick separately. If you want a temporary option, so you can quickly and easily remove it later, you might want to consider brick wallpaper. Amazingly enough, it does a pretty good job of looking like the real thing.

Choosing to add a brick wall to your home has never been easier. The Internet is filled with clever ideas on Pinterest, stylistic insight on interior design blogs, and how-to tips on brick manufacturer websites. As you consider your options, it's good to know that inspiration is just a click away.

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