Getting Into a 'Back-to-School' Routine
Posted on 8/25/2020 by

We know that this school year may not look like what you’re used to – with virtual learning, mixed time in the classroom and other possible variations, your family’s normal school routine may be out of sorts. You can still start this school year off on the right foot with a new routine – we’ve picked out five tips that will help your student get organized and ready to face the year, no matter how they are learning!

1. Designate a ‘student space.’ Whether you can turn your home office into an at-home classroom or not, it’s important that your student has a dedicated workspace this school year! This not only keeps things consistent, but helps the brain stay in “school mode” and focus on the task at hand. You can also use your reading nook in the living room, put a foldable desk in the guest bedroom or section off a few seats at the kitchen table during the day. If your kids are going into the classroom, this space will make for a great homework spot and also help ensure you’re ready for any unexpected changes to in-person learning later in the year.

2. Stay organized. Pencils, notebooks and highlighters – oh my! Make sure your kid’s school supplies and ‘student space’ stay nice and tidy this semester with some simple organization tips. First, invest in a solid set of cubbies – you can even DIY them! Make sure to label them as well with stickers so your child knows where everything belongs. If your child is going back to school, you can color code their folders by subject – green for science, blue for math, etc., so they’ll know exactly what to grab for each class!

3. Maintain a physical schedule. With kids either going fully back to school, staying at home or a mix of both, their schedule might be thrown off quite a bit! Use a planner or desk calendar to stay on top of class links, times and responsibilities from day-to-day. Keep the calendar in an open spot instead of their bedroom – this way you’ll know what they have coming up and won’t be surprised when they need popsicle sticks the night before their art project is due.

4. Take a break. School days are filled with chances to catch up with friends and laugh through the hallways in between classes. For some kids, especially only children, it might be tough to get those kinds of interactions when learning online. Make sure your child is phoning a friend, getting a breath of fresh air or taking some kind of break between classes. It seems small but will help make their school days feel a little more like they used to. 

5. Communicate. Jumping into new routines can be jarring and stressful for students of all ages and it is important for parents to keep their child’s mental health in mind. A simple conversation or some small check-ins can go a long way! Ask them how they’re feeling with school and be open to their feedback. If your child is feeling a bit stressed, try some fun activities to take their mind off things, like playing outside, drawing in coloring books and more. We know it’s also a stressful time for you as well, so make sure Mom and Dad have a chance to relax as well!

Whether your student is a virtual learning champion or dressed for success in the classroom, this school year will be an adjustment for us all. Stay motivated and optimistic – we’re all in this together!

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