5 Tips to Stay Organized During the School Year
Posted on 9/19/2019 by

Whether your routine has changed because your kids are growing up or you’re just looking for ways to make the school year great, here are five of our top tips to help you get your home organized:

  1. Meal Prep to Make Mornings A Breeze. Take some time on Sunday nights to prep like a pro! Have the kids gather around your large kitchen island and include them in making their own breakfast and lunches for the week. Meal prepping will help save you time in the mornings, plus it’s a fun weekly activity the whole family can enjoy!
  2. Create a Homework Nook. Let’s be frank – most kids don’t walk through the door after school wanting to do homework. With a couple of quick tweaks, your reading area or kitchen island can quickly become a great area for homework, with pens, paper and strong light. Add an extra chair for those times when your young learner needs a bit of grownup help. 
  3. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule! Between flute lessons, soccer practice, board meetings and bake sales, it’s tough to keep track of where everyone is during the day. With some Velcro strips, a dry erase board and a calendar, it’s easy to plan out your days and to keep yourself organized. Whether in the kitchen or right by the door, there are tons of ways to create a scheduling tool for your family.
  4. Set Family Time. Families can be so busy it’s hard to squeeze in quality time together. Between work, sports, extracurricular activities, chores and studying it’s easy to forget to have fun together. Using your trusty calendar, look at the beginning of the week to see which of your days is the lightest and plan a mandatory family fun outing or dinner. During this time, no phones are allowed! By scheduling an event, you’re ensuring family time is a priority even when things can get crazy.
  5. Drop Zone, Initiated. Bookbags and jackets don’t have legs, but they tend to make their way all around the house, which can cause problems in the morning when trying to find a specific pink rain jacket. Utilize your home mudroom or your foyer to cut down on the chaos by creating with a handy jacket hook and bench to create a designated backpack, jacket and shoe zone. Not only is everything in one place for easy packing in the morning, but it will also help reduce clutter around the house!

At Stanley Martin Homes, we strive to build beautiful and functional homes for all kinds of families. Now that you have some helpful tips, you’re ready to make the most of these smart features to get the kids back on the bus and into the classroom for a successful school year!

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