It's That Time of Year Again: Back to School
Posted on 8/24/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes
It's that time of year again: Back to School. All the kiddos are back in their classrooms, sitting attentively at their desks wearing new outfits, donning their new haircuts, holding new pencils, and listening to new teachers talk about new assignments they need to hand in on their new paper notebooks.

What isn't new are the mixed emotions that you feel every year when the summer is over, and everything is so, well ... NEW!

Gone are the lazy days of summer when you didn't have to worry about helping your child complete their everyday math homework; deal with the stress of making brownies for the bake sale that you just found out about at 11pm the night before; or frantically running around your house trying to find the "other" shoe when the bus is due in 2 minutes.

And, let's not forget about the midnight runs to the local 24-hour grocery store for white poster board for that overlooked science project, or cleaning out your kid's backpack and finding a hard-as-rock peanut butter and jelly sandwich that looks like it's been hardening since last May.

But, be honest, even with all the new-school-year strife and stress, there are lots of giggles, plenty of exciting events to look forward to, and some very cool memories waiting to be made.

And, because you've just moved into a brand-new home, you're doing all these things for the first time in your new space-and you feel thankful, relieved, and organized.

Thankful: You can't believe how handy this bedroom-level laundry has become. Instead of conducting a smell test on your kid's shirt to see if it can be worn another day, you just toss it in the laundry while you're reading bedtime stories. Voila!

Relieved: The Mudroom! How did you ever live without it? Now the dripping-wet snowsuits, heavy backpacks, and muddy paws have a place of their very own. For the win!

Organized: Did someone say, "assembly line?" Making school lunches is a breeze in your new gourmet kitchen with large island: One sandwich, check; one juice box, check; one apple, check; one cheese string, check; and one kiss good-bye as they grab their lunches and run out the door. Chao!

So yes, it's that time of year again. But this year you're enjoying it so much more in your friendly new neighborhood, in your made-for-you home, and working in your well-equipped, first-floor home office.

Let the new school year begin, you think to yourself: "I GOT THIS!"

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