7 Tips for Keeping Your Home Pet Friendly
Posted on 1/12/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes
That's right, dogs, like us, get anxieties when moving to a new home. Here are 7 tips to better calm and help ease your mind along with your pets when living in your new home.

1. Make sure your new home is fenced in so your pet can roam and become acquainted with their new surroundings without you worrying about their safety.

2. Keep up your old habits: Walking times, feeding times, etc. Make sure to keep on their old schedule. Dogs have inner clocks, just like we do.

3. Make sure your new house is free of construction hazards like wires and nails.

4. Bring familiar smells and scents, especially socks and shirts you have worn. Laying them out on your dog's bed will help comfort some of the distress of moving. Remember, the house will smell brand new to your pet. It will take a while for it to be "their" territory again.

5. If your yard is fenced in you might think about installing a dog door. This way your dog has free rein of exploring their new domain.

6. If you have hardwood floors you might want to lay down a carpet runner by the front and back doors. Dogs can get excited to greet you and slide on the wood. This can lead to hip dysplasia and fractured bones.

7. If you open your windows to let in the breeze, remember to check to see if they are dog-proof. If Fido sees the mailman coming, he or she can very well break your screen to escape.

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