4 Emotions You Experience Getting Ready for Halloween
Posted on 10/23/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes

When you love Halloween, there's nothing quite as exciting as heading to the attic or the basement to dig out your stash of decorative pumpkins, spooky ghosts, hairy spiders, scary costumes, and other Halloween-themed accoutrements.

Inside, you're excited to surprise your family with the fake bloody finger in the refrigerator, the walking hand crawling out from under their beds, and plastic spiders hanging from the ceiling. In addition to the scary stuff, you're also looking forward to carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin seeds, and watching the kids dress up in their new costumes. How you love this holiday!


Nothing makes you happier than seeing Halloween aisles appear in your local stores, as well as those temporary Halloween shops that are set up for the season. All of this means it's time to add to your collection of Halloween decorations. This year, with some new horror movies out, you're hoping to score some cool clown masks to scare your older trick-or-treaters. And, there always seems to be a new remote-controlled-something to scare the pants off your family and friends.

At the same time, not-so-scary decorations are tempting to buy, too. Like that black and orange shower curtain, black sequin tablecloth, ghost potholders for the kitchen, orange towels for the bathroom, and all those new Halloween books you bought to read to your kids. And, don't forget the candy!


The thing about having so many Halloween decorations is how long it takes to get everything hung up or displayed, inside and out. Outside, there are lights to hang, ghosts to string from individual branches on your trees, an entire graveyard to plant, and dozens of other items to attach, hang, or build.

Inside your house, you hang strings of purple and orange lights in almost every room, set your dining room table with an orange tablecloth and black cloth napkins, and put together your "Halloween tree" filled with ghosts, goblins, vampires, and other ornaments. It tires you out just thinking about it, but after years and years of doing it bigger and better each year, the exhaustion is always worth it in the end.


When the day of Halloween finally arrives, you feel so good about how the outside of your home looks as the kids come and go. Your new decorations were huge hits and you couldn't be happier about the squeals and laughs they caused. After the last piece of candy is handed out and the kids head to bed, you pour some wine for your parents and a few friends who came to enjoy the evening with you. You grab your ghost-themed oven mitts and take some fresh cookies out of the oven. Everyone sits back and relaxes in your great room and listens to the crackling fire in your fireplace while enjoying the glow of the purple and orange lights that decorate your mantel.

You breathe a sigh of relief that you had another successful Halloween in your home, and you try not to think about the work of taking everything down. You console yourself with the idea that it will now be time to pull out your Thanksgiving decorating boxes and start all over again.

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