SMart Selected Homes: Designed with you in mind

What's Inside

Our goal at Stanley Martin is to design homes that are as functional as they are beautiful. One way we do this is by partnering with industry-leading brands that care about innovation and design as much as we do. Together, we work to elevate the lives of Stanley Martin homeowners by building every home with health and safety in mind. From your kitchen appliances to the locks on your doors and everything in between, Stanley Martin and our Trusted Partners are committed to making every aspect of your home function for you.

Our Partners

We select our Trusted Partners with the utmost care.
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Explore these Brands inside our Homes

Click through the virtual tour and see how our partner brands are integrated throughout our homes. Click on the icons to read more about each of the brands and learn more about why we selected them to be a partner in building outstanding homes for our homeowners.