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High Performance, Energy-Efficient and Earth Friendly Homes


We build Green Living homes that deliver more value to our homeowners. Our Green Living program has enormous benefits for our home owners.

The first benefit is COMFORT. We always start with comfort, by getting the air exchanges right and design the HVAC system in a way that really works. We also focus on the right materials, we care about the paints, sealants, carpets and all the other materials and make the right choices for a healthier home.

  • The second we look for COST SAVINGS for our customers. We are driven to be a leader in energy efficient new housing, and we prove it by having a third-party inspection on every home we build. every home receives a energy score and we bet if you compare Stanley Martin's score to the competition you will find that our homes will save you more on energy costs each month.
  • Third it just feels RIGHT. We believe in being good stewards of the environment. Saving energy is just one part, we also focus on water usage, sustainable materials, recycling, downstream storm water run off and much more.
  • According to RESNET, Stanley Martin Homes are:

    53% OR MORE efficient than resale homes
    39% OR MORE efficient than other new homes.